Human Ultracell V IM
Human Ultracell V Oral
Human Citoplacell 3G
Revercell 3G
Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G
Androcell 3G
Biofemin 3G
Bioenzym 3G
Celltox 3G
Mekenz H7 3G
Cellorgane Man
Cellorgane Woman
Formula 1 Skin & Muscle
Formula 2 Liver
Formula 3 Heart-Artery-Vein
Formula 4 Bone-Cartilage
Formula 5 Kidney - Nephrons
Formula 6 Lungs
Formula 7 Brain-Hypothalamus-Pituitary
Formula 8 Adrenal Gland
Formula 9 Thymus - Spleen
Formula 10 Pancreas
Formula 11 Esophagus-Stomach-Intestines
Formula 12 Thyroid
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Biocell Ultravital™ represents a range of products in the field of anti-ageing medicine which are essential and indispensable for the prevention of disease and improvement of main organ function, helping to maintain one’s state of well-being and health in general. It is important to stress that the Biocell Ultravital™ line condenses in its products medical-scientific resources.


Biofemin® 3G

Hormone Control Biological Therapy

An oral, pharmaceutical-grade food supplement of the highest quality. It has proven to be progressively effective in alleviating the symptoms experienced during pre/peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

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Androcell® 3G

Hormonal Control Biologic Therapy

In addition to restoring and normalising organ functions of the male reproductive system, it will also effectively protect the organism by stimulating the hormone cycle, revitalising cell function, and activating the natural production of testosterone that is lost with the passing of time.

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If you are not a doctor and would like to contact a specialist to learn more about our cellular renovation therapies, visit and fill out the form on our authorized distributor's Contact page.

Who We Are

Biocell Ultravital™ researches and develops innovative, 100% natural, pharmaceutical-grade bioproducts, on an exclusive basis worldwide. These products optimise cell nutrition and energy, producing a preventative and curative action which, in addition to treating pre-symptoms and symptoms by means of cell renewal, refuels and corrects the cell structure of tissues and organs, preventing the appearance of the functional stress loads which give rise to poor cell formation, degenerative diseases, and their after-effects.


Product developed under pharmaceutical control according to European CE standards. Made in the EC by Biocell Laboratory France, licensed and authorized by Biocell Ultravital GmbH, Switzerland.


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